Debate analysis: The return of Fiery Trump

The debate before the debate began was all about which Donald Trump would show up on stage.              

The best Lester Holt debate memes

The moderator of the first 2016 presidential debate got the Twitter treatment.              

Who won the debate?

CBS News analysts discuss who won the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Trump on "your president" remark

Donald Trump tells CBS News' Major Garrett why he called Barack Obama "your president" to Hillary Clinton during the first presidential debate

Undecided Pa. voters on who they think won the presidential debate

CBS News contributor and pollster Frank Luntz spoke with undecided Pennsylvania voters after Monday night’s presidential debate on who they think won


SILICON VALLEY PUSH TO 'FIX' ELECTION... (Second column, 2nd story, link ) Related stories: STATE OFFICIALS ARGUE FOR CONTINUED 'DECENTRALIZED' VOTING... Billionaire donors led...


STATE OFFICIALS ARGUE FOR CONTINUED 'DECENTRALIZED' VOTING... (Second column, 1st story, link ) Related stories: SILICON VALLEY PUSH TO 'FIX' ELECTION... Billionaire donors led...

New York launches ad campaign to fight anti-Muslim rhetoric, violence...

New York launches ad campaign to fight anti-Muslim rhetoric, violence... (Third column, 11th story, link )

‘Souvenir Tickets’ to 1st Presidential Debate Misspell Candidate’s Name

Amid the frenetic preparations for the first presidential debate at Hofstra University, there's one thing the school apparently overlooked: how to spell the Democratic candidate's name. (Wish it...

Donald Trump Leads Hillary Clinton In New National Poll

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is leading his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton by 1 point nationally in the race for the White House, a new poll shows. The new Morning Consult...

High Stakes As Clinton & Trump To Face Off In 1st Presidential Debate

Record numbers are expected to tune in to Monday’s presidential debate, which will see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go head to head for the first time. Here, we preview what we can...

Snowden Awarded By Germans For 'Courage And Conscience'

The German city of Kassel has awarded American whistle-blower Edward Snowden for the “courage and conscience” that he showed in spilling US secrets. Snowden “with courage,...

Big media made a deal with the Clinton devil long ago

The Hillary Clinton machine hit it hard over the weekend, pushing the narrative that GOP hopeful Donald Trump has built his entire campaign on a foundation of lies. And of course the media took...

Curfew Lifted In Charlotte But Peaceful Protests Continue

Officials in Charlotte, North Carolina, have announced the end to a citywide curfew that was put in place a couple of days ago, amid unrest over the police killing of a black man. Mayor Jennifer...


Global debt issuance is on course to hit a record high in 2016 as figures showed sales this year topped $5 trillion (£3.9 trillion) at the end of September. Debt issuance rose to $5.02...

Scott Adams: We're on the Cusp of Something Here That I think is Much Bigger Than Just Electing the President

“We’re on the cusp of something here that I think is much bigger than just electing the President. There is a complete change of awareness. I think there’s like a fundamental...

Germany "Other" Bank: Commerzbank To Fire 9,000, 18% Of Its Entire Workforce

While the market's attention has been transfixed by the latest crash in the stock of Europe's biggest bank, now that concerns about Deutsche Bank's $2 trillion balance sheet have violently...

Hillary “Hires Psychologists To Undermine Trump”… Just As CIA Does In Assessing Egos of Foreign Adversaries

She isn’t focusing on policy, talking points, or on warming up her notoriously cold and unapproachable personality in order to connect with voters and foster ‘trust.’ No, she...

Russia Set to Debut Powerful 'Son of Satan' ICBM

The new 'Sarmat' missile will replace the SS-18 'Satan' and will carry at least 15 thermonuclear warheads

Brit Bankers Busted For $300 Million Fraud Tied To Hookers & Blow

Investment bankers and hedgies have long had a flare for the excesses in life. There is, of course, the epic tale of the former Jefferies equity salesman who spent $75k on a Miami bachelor party...

Evidence Links Cocaine Abuse And Parkinson's Disease

Adults who abuse cocaine might increase their risk of developing Parkinson's disease (PD)...

Could the Elite Be Dumping Hillary? “Even the Deep State Needs Consent of the Governed”

Even if everyone in the room and even behind the curtain holds their nose at Trump when he walks in the room or says something bombastic, Trump has something that Hillary could never buy: the...

An Obsolescent Military: Bombing Everything, Gaining Nothing

The wars in the Mid-East illustrate the principle nicely. Iraq didn’t work. Libya didn’t work. Iran didn’t back down. ISIS and related curiosities? The Pentagon is again bombing...

Of the 17 to 34 million humble individuals and families in America who live or work in Mobile and Manufactured homes, some 2 million are Native Americans. If you are Native American or care about...

Trump hits Clinton on 'stamina,' Clinton blasts Trump as a sexist

It was quite a note to end on for the two presidential nominees.              

Houston metro officer resigns after video shows him beating a man at station

A Houston-area metro officer resigned Monday after a video released showed him beating a man who refused to leave a light rail station earli...          ...

Trump asks why Clinton's been home

Donald Trump threw a barb at Hillary Clinton about her campaign schedule which Clinton responded to by making a remark about Trump's preparation

Watch: Presidential debate part one

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump address the first question of the first 2016 presidential debate: "Achieving Prosperity" and how they'll deal with growing income inequality in the country

Live Fact Check: Trump And Clinton Debate For The First Time

NPR reporters and editors are live annotating Monday night's debate. Read the latest fact check, analysis and context here.

It didn't take long for the Trump, Clinton to get feisty

Zingers are flying at the first presidential debate.              

Indianapolis polar bear dies after move to Detroit Zoo

29-year-old polar bear named Tundra died Monday morning after battling a sudden illness.              

Fact checking the first Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump debate

As the candidates face off for the first time at Hofstra University in New York, here's CBS News' guide to the accuracy of the candidates' statements

Undecided Pa. voters express anger with both candidates

CBS News contributor and pollster Frank Luntz spoke with 27 undecided Pennsylvania voters ahead of the Monday night’s presidential debate

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump face off in first general election debate

The two nominees have touched on the economy, jobs, race relations and their tax plans

Wake up Call, America: The Real Reason People Are Voting for Hillary and Trump

By Nick Bernabe In an age of hyper-partisan political polarization in the United States, Americans are closing in on a 2016 presidential election that features...

What’s At Stake With the Proposed CDC Rulemaking That Has An Open Comment Period Until October 14, 2016?

By Catherine J. Frompovich If readers aren’t aware already, hopefully, this article will get you thinking, talking and commenting about the proposed rulemaking the CDC...

NSA Knew of Flaw Three Years in Advance That Led To Cyber Attack

By Alice Salles A little over a month after a group of hackers known as the Shadow Brokers publicly exposed tools used by National Security...

Documents Reveal Widespread Abuse of Social Media Spying Tools by California Cops

By Derrick Broze The release of thousands of pages of documents has revealed that California law enforcement have secretly acquired social media monitoring tools that...

To Fact-Check or Not: Campaigns Disagree on Role of Debate Moderator

Before tonight’s first presidential debate, how campaigns view the moderator.

Son Found After 8 Days Lost at Sea, Mother's Fate a Mystery

The two were reported missing after never returning from a fishing trip, according to the Coast Guard.

9 Wounded After Shooting at Houston Shopping Center

Police said the suspect was dressed in a military-style and had Nazi emblems.

Pair of Friends Piloted Planes That Crashed in NY, Killing 3

Authorities say two small airplanes that collided and crashed in western New York were piloted by friends who'd taken off with four other planes for their usual weekend outing

Walgreen who led drug chain for nearly 40 years dies

Charles R. "Cork" Walgreen III, 80, was grandson of the founder.              

Miss. man claimed to be 130-year-old last slave

Man claiming to be nation's last living slave at 130 years old sparks scholar's interest.              

Will debate change voters' minds?

John Dickerson, CBS News political director and anchor of "Face the Nation," weighs in on the likelihood of voters changing their minds after Monday night's debate.

3rd Time’s a Charm: Facebook Censors Palestinian Journalists, Then Apologizes

Susanne Posel (OC) : Facebook found itself in a censorship faux pas with Shehab News Agency  (SNA) and executives with the Quds News Network (QNN) after the social media platform...

Accused Washington State Mall Gunman Confesses To Killing 5 People

20-year-old Arcan Cetin was arrested Saturday evening after the shooting in Burlington, Wash., on Friday. He is charged with five counts of first-degree murder.

Report from National Academies Places Cost of Immigration as High as $296 Billion

A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine indicated that “first-generation immigrants are more costly to governments, mainly at the state and local...

Chief: Firefighters thought people were trapped inside home

Del. fire chief: "We're here to get these people through this. My firefighters are hurting."              

After Clinton disclosures, White House sheds more light on Obama e-mail use

White House system allows only a small number of officials to email the president.              

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